Album Art Work

It is possible to associate album artwork with a song with the help of iTunes. This new feature will be enjoyable to iPod users. iTunes support multiple album artworks for a song. The iTune 4.7 version will help you to transfer album artwork to your iPod photo and thus, enables you to see the album while you play the song.

The process of associating album artwork with songs is not at all difficult. Just search in Google for CD covers and drag the desired one to the song album placeholder in iTunes. However, it is easy only if you want album artworks for few songs only. If you have thousands of songs in your iTunes library then it is not possible to associate album works to all that songs. However, some free sites are available to make it possible to add album artworks to the songs. The most important among them are clutter and

Clutter: Clutter will help you to associate albums to number of songs. You can put some CD after installing Clutter. It will search in to see whether the album artwork for that song is available. If multiple albums are available for the song then pair of arrows will be displayed and you can select any album according to your wish. Then you can copy the album artworks to iTunes by using File - copy cover to iTunes.

Suppose, the clutter is not able to find any album artwork for the song, then you can search in by going to File- Find cover in Amazon. Here you will get a list of matching albums for your song that you can select according to your interest. Clutter also has a fantastic feature of dragging and dropping images to your desktop. However, clutter will not work well in compilation where you may have number of artists. This is another free site that will help you to get album artwork for your songs in iTunes. First select Find- Export song list to get the list of songs. Then go to the site where you just select the song list. Then art4iTunes will search for album artworks in various sites like and Once you get the matching album artworks you can drag and drop the desired images to your iTunes.

Album artwork Locator: The album artwork locator in iTunes will help you to find and copy albums into iTunes. Sometimes your iTunes music library will have music but a few albums may be missing. Album artwork locator helps you to find the artworks and then copy them directly to your iTunes. Without albums your songs will not be that much exciting. Therefore, this feature is gaining a high reputation among music lovers. You can give the file details in the locator by artists or title or album in the correct section not all in one line it will be easy to find the correct albums. However, you need some advanced operating systems like Windows 2003, windows xp or some other operating system to download this product.

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