Airbrush Cake Decorating

Airbrush cake decorating is fun. An airbrush is a tool generally used for spraying ink. And a spray gun is a type of airbrush. The mechanism is simple to work out airbrush. Airbrush consists of a trigger. By simple pressing the trigger of airbrush, a blow of stream passes through it and color spreads on the surface of the item. Airbrush has techniques to spread more than one color at a time. While spreading the color, it automatically converts it into another color. Thus, airbrush is very useful in many activities like coloring the clothes, makeup, paintings, banners, hoardings, nail art, automotive, street artists etc.

Apart from these, airbrush compressor is also used to decorate cakes. Decorating is not so easy job. You can do it by hand. But if you want o decorate it in glamorous way, you have to use some tools available in market. Generally, for decorating cake compressors, airbrush or spray guns are used. Cake decorating airbrush is used to apply color schemes on cake or to cover background of cake with colors. The airbrush compressor includes a color cup. When the trigger is pressed, the air flow blows out and color spreads on the item which we wants to decorate. Some company provides airbrush compressors which does not need maintenance. These are available in various range and colors. The smooth, soft cake can be prepared maintaining moisture. There are varieties of multiple amazing colors available for cake decorating. In market, decorative bags are also available. These bags are made up of paper, plastic or cloth and triangular in shape, packed with icing. These are used to draw pipes, borders, flowers on cake. With the help of the decorating tubes, you can draw roses, borders. These tubes are available in different shapes of the tip.

Cake decorating mainly includes icing and decoration of cake. The decorative materials like cherries, candies, sugars, icing, and chocolate, fondants, gum paste are used to decorate the cake. In many ceremonies like wedding, anniversaries, birth day parties' decorative cake is a vital item. It's very difficult to anybody to just watch a yummy cake covered with glazy items.

There are so many styles of decorating a cake:

The most famous cake decorating style is European style. In this type of cake decorating, cake is covered with smooth icing of fondants.

Victorian style is a traditional style. It is used in wedding ceremonies in Europe. It is a ladder styled cake, having pillars of flowers. This ladder styled cake is decorated in each tier. Nowadays, many styles of cake decorating are available in the market. Like wedding cake is decorated with flowers and at the top bride and groom are placed which is made by plastic. Fondants give smooth look to cakes.

In Lambeth style, layers of icings are applied on the cake. The layers of icing are applied in such a way that the layers gets dimensional look. This old method, Lambeth originated from the countries like New Zealand, North America, South Africa, and Australia.

Australian style is same as Lambeth. In this style cake is fully covered with fondants. And, icing is applied in piping structure.

Wilton method uses icing of butter cream. And, flowers and decorated borders are applied on the cake so beautifully.

Some schools, institutes provide cake decorating techniques. Nowadays, media is also participating in cookery shows. So global public also gets knowledge of these things. You can easily learn it by sitting at home. In market, cake decorating books, DVDs are available. Some cake decorating professionals conducts classes, workshops of cake decorating techniques. Its easy now to prepare a beautiful, attractive, decorative cake for your celebrations.

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