Birthday Candles

It's no big secret that birthday candles add up color and sparkle to an already special day; they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and even scents, bringing joy to the celebrated person and the guests alike. Birthday candles can be purchased in almost any store that sells party stuff, and you can make your choice to match the personality and the atmosphere of the celebration. Probably the most popular are number candles, those that are used to decorate the cake; shaped from 0 to 9, number candles are ideal to use for both children and adults alike.

As it is the custom, you have to make a wish when you blow the birthday candles on the cake, but what if they won't go off? There are some varieties of candles that work great for an entertainment evening when you want to play a gag to the celebrated person; he or she will unsuccessfully try to blow them off to the great amusement of the guests. In case you want to turn one's birthday into a very special moment, personalized birthday candles can be of great help. You may adjust these decorative items to match the individual preferences of the celebrated person.

Not only could you choose the color of the birthday candles, but you may also make sure that their shape rises up to the expectations. For instance, in case you are throwing a party for a child, birthday candles representing favorite cartoon characters or animal figures will be a very nice surprise to the little ones and their friends. The decorative arrangement in which you include the birthday candles is equally important: though the tradition claims that candles should be stuck in the birthday cake, this is no longer a rule, particularly if you don't want to spoil it.

Some birthday candles come together with some kind of supports that contribute to the creation of the party atmosphere; they can be arranged around the room or on the table where the cake is served. Beside the general symbolism of birthday candles, you may add a special touch to the event by a whole range of details. Couples that choose to celebrate birthdays in an intimate way will definitely combine the beauty of birthday candles with the romantic touch they give to the atmosphere. Scented birthday candles could make a great choice for such occasions, inducing a state of peace and relaxation. May you enjoy every minute of a very special birthday!

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