Bulk Candy

Candy is made up of concentrated solution of sugar water which is then mixed with different flavors and colors to make it tasty and attractive. Candy can be of many types like candy bars, chocolates, toffees, liquorice and many more. A coating of vegetables and fruits is applied to give the candies a shine.

Candy is made from a mixture of sugar diluted with water or milk, which is brought to a boil till the required thickness is acquired. The final out come of the products totally depends on the time taken for boiling and the ingredients used for making of the candy. Various forms and different types of textures are available; the different types are soft, chewy, hard and brittle. The thickness or the consistency of the candy depends upon the quantity of the sugar added in the mixture. The mixture is boiled until the water from the mixture gets evaporated completely. Higher temperature makes the mixture hard and low temperature makes the mixture soft. So the temperature is the main factor to get the desired consistency of the candy.

The different temperatures at which the sugar is boiled are : thread- 230 -233F, 110-111 C, sugar concentration 80%,soft crack- 270-290 F, 132-143 C, sugar concentration 95 % and soft ball- temperature 234-240 F, 112-115 C, sugar concentration 85 %. Specific temperatures are set to get the desired texture of candy.

You can order your favorite bulk candy packs from the various stores around the place and also from the online services which are available. The variety available in bulk candy packs are caramels, Swedish fish, Pixy stix, salt wafer taffy, wax bottles, rock candy and Mary Janes etc. Many branded bulk candy packs like three muskateers, Laffty Taffy, Sweettarts, Tootsie Rolls, Starburst, Mentos and many more are also available.

Special bulk candy includes jelly beans, Jordan almonds and Candy corn. Variety of gummies like mall rats, dinosaurs, fried eggs, sharks, worms and worms are also sold as bulk candy. Fun size milk chocolate bars are caramel covered soft munching crispies in bulk. Each pound contains approximately 20 chocolates. Musketeers contain a creamy centre with a coating of milk chocolate. It is available in bulk candy pack of twenty six pieces in each pound.

Bulk candy pack chocolates are the best to add a loving touch to your baby's birthday party. This bulk candy is available in a pack of forty eight pieces per pound. A useful chocolate for the people suffering from diabetes is available in bulk candy packs. These candies are sold in bulk and are available in ten lb per case. Miniature hearts are solid milk chocolates which are available in the attractive packing of blue, white and red paper. These are available in bulk candy pack and are even sold separately. Each pack contains nearly sixty pieces. Apricot centered chocolates are coated with a thin layer of milk chocolates and are perfect for any occasion being it a birthday party or a holiday. They are available in bulk candy packs containing ten pounds per case.

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