Alpine Car Stereo

Alpine Car Stereos rock. The industry leader in manufacturer high performance mobile electronics, Alpine Electronics of America, Inc., founded in 1978, is the only branded manufacturer who specializes in mobile multimedia, incorporating digital entertainment, navigation products for your mobile entertainment and an integrated system approach security. Being a subsidiary of Alps Electric Co., Ltd., which is one of the world's largest manufacturers of electronic components for communications, computer and car electronic equipment, Alpine is the specialized supplier of mobile electronics systems of good quality.

Alpine's products are of high-quality and are competitively priced. Alpine's Mobile Multimedia systems are designed by combining music, information and visual images.

Based on convergence of audio that is high performing, video, telematics and navigation, in the Mobile Multimedia format, Alpine is coming out with a novel in-vehicle space. Digital versatile disc (DVD) players, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Dolby Digital systems, mobile data linking, satellite digital audio radio, and communication through telematics devices would be transposed with navigation systems to bring about a variety of products. Mobile Multimedia is an integration of Alpine's innovative video, audio, security and navigation products along with human interface, GUI for Drivers and information communications technology. Alpine makes most use of digital technology and media for the development of its products.

May it be on road or on water, the in-vehicle experience can be improved. Alpine's SPR-M700 7-inch is part of Alpine's innovative line of products. Another of its products, the SPR-M700 is a speaker that is 2-way coaxial. It possesses excellent power handling and can deliver supreme performance.

A 1-inch titanium dome tweeter is used in the SPR-M700 Type-R speaker. The 7-inch woofer delivers heavy bass that carries the outdoor environment in. For durability that is hardwearing and UV protection to prevent yellowing, there are the Centrex 813-coated grilles and non-resonant, high-strength, high-temperature ABS frames. The SPR-M700 has Santoprene(tm) surrounds for high response performance in high frequency and great resistance against moisture, heat, oil and chemicals.

Sometimes you may get good power in your system, but without clarity. In such cases, adding the Type-R speakers would be the best option. These Type-R speakers give great performance with superior linearity, clarity, efficiency and great bass.

The Type-S speakers have a voice coil that is large and soft-dome of silk to produce sound that is of high quality. The new grille has look of sleek aluminum which helps in optimizing sound by way of improving the sound dispersion. The tweeter guard's angle complements that of the surround guard, thereby bringing about lesser distortion at greater frequencies.

In case you are looking to upgrade your car stereo system, you could start by doing so with the speakers. The Type-S speakers are more economical, can be installed easily and they deliver excellent sound.

Alpine Car Stereo systems have a number of components and products that come in different sizes and types to give the best fit for your car. It is advisable to purchase the car stereo from an authorised Alpine dealer to ensure guaranteed performance.

Alpine Car Stereo - try one!

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