Canadian Coins

Canadian Coins are cool. Canadian currency or Canadian Coinage .Coins produced by the Royal Canadian Mint and circulated in Canada are called as Canadian Coins.These coins are denominated in lower denomination like cents and dollar, highest denomination being $5.

Canadian dollars are available in cent and dollar. Canadian currency is classified as Nickel ,Penny, Dime ,Quarter,50 cent and dollar.

Canadian Government withdrew $1 and $2 bills in 1987 and 1996 ,increasing the circulation of these coins. The Canadian Government was also keen to withdraw 1 cent coins from circulation ,in 2007 but no steps were taken in that direction. There were rumors of 5$ bills too to be removed from circulation and increasing the circulation of $5 coins ,but no serious action was taken in that too.

Canadian coins are produced at the Royal Canadian Mint The wordings on the coins are printed in English as well as French ,both being the official languages of Canada.Elizabeth II ,by the grace of God ,Queen is printed on the coin in French the words are printed as Dei Gratia. The obverse side of all Canadian coins bear the picture of the Canadian Monarch.

The metal used to produce Canadian coins was bronze for 1 cent ,Silver for coins denomination above 5 cents .Gold coins were used only a Souvenirs. Around 1968 Silver as well as Bronze was replaced by Nickel.

In 1997 1 cent coins were reduced in size and copper plated. In 2000 all coins were changed to steel with copper as well as nickel plating .50 cent coins re rare I Canada circulation, though a unsuccessful attempt of increasing the circulation was made in 2002 as a special tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.

Royal Canadian Mint is known to produce many special edition coins ,these coins have known to be very popular with the coin collectors .In 2004 the Royal Canadian Mint produced a 350$ Canadian coin ,the highest denomination coin ever produced ,this coin was specially produced for the collectors market.

21ST Feb 2007 a 100 kg large coin was announced to be produced by the mint with a face value of $1 million ,made out of pure gold this coin is expected to sell at the highest price in the collectors market approximately 2.25$Million.

Bank of Canada ,Canadian Bank Note company ,Canadian Numismatic Association Canadian Paper Money Society Bank of Canada Currency Museum Royal Canadian Mint are the ones responsible in producing maintaining circulation and withdrawing of coins and currencies from the market.

Canadian coins are more Medallic like the British or Euro coins ,and very different from US coins .

Canadian Coins - collect some!

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