Are Cold Sores Contagious

When someone suffers from a cold sore, the first thought that could arise in your mind is whether you can catch the same infection from that person.The cold sores can spread easily from one to the other in more than one way. You can infect others easily through your cold sore. It is spread through a virus, which is easily spreadable. A person does not have an active cold sore but posses the virus herpes simplex virus.

As it is commonly, said HSV-1 virus that causes cold sore generally affects at the age five. It will show its ill effects in form of cold sore after puberty. This virus can lie in an inactive form for a longer time and transfers in to a disease named cold sore.

Cold sore is a highly contagious disease. You have to avoid kissing, coughing, sneezing and through a common touch of the infected person. Other people get easily affected. These viruses are easily transferable. A child can get cold sore through touch of infected parent in a daily routine. It is sensitive disease and spread by common touch.

One of the most common ways that HSV-1 spread is through a used thing of an infected person, could be a toothbrush or tube of lip balm. There is a strong risk of infection to the next person if particles of the HSV-1 virus transferred to an object and someone else uses it. Thus the contamination of disease occurs.

People are most possible to become infected with this virus by coming into contact to someone with a cold sore. Here chances of getting the infection are very high.Cold sore developes in many stages or steps before it goes away. The tingle stage is the first where the virus gets out of sleep. At this point, the cold sore has not yet formed, but the virus get reactivated.

The next stage is weeping stage. In the weeping stage of cold sore, the risk of spreading the virus increases and becomes high risky. At this stage, the sore burst opens and expels a clear liquid. The risk of infection is greater than normal in the crusting stage when the sore scabbed over. These are the stages and possibilities of being infected by cold sore. In every stage, they are contagious.

You have to make sure that the other person will not be in danger because of you. Avoid close contact by any way to the other person if you have cold core. You will never think that are core cores contagious. Take care of your hygiene.

It is beneficial to remark that HVS-1 virus not only easily spread able among people but also flexible to transfer within different parts of body. The infected person may harm himself by affecting various parts of body.People must be sure to wash their hands systematically when they have a cold sore to avoid the spread of HSV-1.

Just avoid contact to the infected person and save yourself from cold sore infection.

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