Adventure Cycling

Adventure cycling is among one of the most popular non-conformist ways of spending a holiday; some people go for a hike, some others choose tracking, mountain climbing or lying on a sunny beach, but how many do you really think will actually spend dozens of hours in the saddle, carrying all their gear on the back? Adventure cycling is more than an afternoon bike ride in a natural reserve for instance, where you possibly camp and make a nice picnic or a barbecue. For anyone interested in seeing new places, and feel adventurous at the same time, cycling may just be the solution.

It doesn't take too much money, but it definitely requires some planning, and though many people will insist that you don't have to be super fit, adventure cycling requires a good physical shape with resistance to effort. Besides the great freedom such tours give, they are also great opportunities of getting the local feeling, as you come to know a place by the immediate and direct contact with the local people and their life style. No one can complain about not experiencing the unexpected since it is everywhere: not knowing what to expect from the journey is definitely a thrill.

Adventure cycling will burn down lots of calories and help you get into perfect physical shape; you can eat as much as you like, and you will still lose some weight. During the period of intense effort you should actually have foods with a high caloric level since they ensure the energy necessary for pedaling. Moreover, besides the health benefits you get to feel by taking part to adventure cycling tours, you also have the chance of making a statement on the pollution level and the environmental advantages that come together with an ecological kind of trip.

Sometimes, people feel a bit awkward about starting a cycling adventure, and the most common reasons that stop one from such an experience include age and health state. “I'm too old to start a cycling adventure”, “I am not at all fit for pedaling kilometers on end”, “I've got too many things to do at work to take a vacation”, “I have never done something like that in my life”, and the list could go on. What people actually fail to realize from the beginning is that such complaints are merely excuses that should not stop you from doing what you want. Have fun!

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