Bamboo Drapes

In terms of unusual and highly effective decoration items, bamboo drapes get high credit given the fact that they bring a different style and cultural atmosphere to a room. The only thing one needs to consider is how well the bamboo drapes will go with the rest of the furniture. Light colors and shades are the ones that usually work best with this type of curtains, not to mention that in some cultures they have a unique symbolism too. Bamboo stands for prosperity, longevity and even protection against negative energies, and it is also very appealing from the aesthetic point of view too.

Usually crafted in the traditional style that relies only on hand skills, bamboo drapes make an excellent choice for offices too, being well matched with special bamboo curtain rods. Nevertheless, modern devices are now used by producers on a large scale too. Thus, the manufacturing process as such combines traditional techniques and the advantages of modern technology: strips of cane are cut, boiled and dried, and then woven into what we buy as exquisite bamboo drapes. Though Asia is the birth land of these decorative items, they are now produced in other parts of the world too where bamboo, as a primary matter is imported.

There are several advantages that distinguish bamboo drapes from other types of curtains. First of all, they don't need laundry making, the only cleaning requirement is to pass the vacuum or the duster over them. Spraying an anti-static substance will make this chore a lot easier, and it also preserves the natural sheen and attractiveness of the curtains. Furthermore, you'd be surprised to learn that the acquisition price for bamboo drapes is a lot lower than that for other regular types of curtains. Bamboo drapes come either plain or with all sorts of design patterns achieved by interweaving all sorts of reeds in the structure.

Bamboo drapes are not used only for window dressing arrangements, since they fit well for doors too, but in such cases beaded variants are preferable. Plain styles match well for the entrance to patios for instance, and they usually go well with the special furbishing used in this part of one's home. Though bamboo drapes encourage the creation of a cosmopolitan atmosphere, it is good to consider including another item of interior decoration that would match the arrangement: a vessel, a coffee table or even the style of the sofa can play an important role here.

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