American Flags

It is generally known that flags are states and nations symbols. They represent individual states and nations’cultures and traditions and they are of great importance to each and every state. The colors and patterns of each flag have certain meanings and symbolize certain things for each country. The American flags are no different from this perspective from any other flag in the world. When talking about American flags we should take into consideration their history and background, colors, design and symbolism as well as etiquette.

The American flags are of huge importance and respect to the Americans. They almost identify with the nation. All the 50 American states have their own flags. The individual state flags are all different in pattern and colors, as well as significance. The American flag was introduced on June 14, 1777, with only 13 stars and 13 stripes on it, in red and white colors. The American flags stayed unchanged until 1795 and ever since, they suffered a lot of changes. At the time it was designed, the significance of the colors was already there: red meant bravery/courage and zeal, too, and white was meant for purity and peace.

The blue would stand for the sky and respect to God. Colors are really important as they have a meaning in themselves. The different American flags have different meanings judging only from the color perspective. For instance the flag of Arizona has in its pattern 13 red and yellow rays which represent the sun and the 13 american colonies. Besides, there is a copper colored star in the middle of the flag which stands for the copper mining in Arizona. To be even clearer, let us take another of the American flags example, namely that of Colorado. Here the white part stands for the mountain tops always covered by snow, whereas the red stands for the reddish soil in the country. The blue means the sky and the golden yellow signifies the sun.

The current 50-star version of the American flags was adopted on the 4th of July, 1960. Another name by which the American flags are called, besides Stars and Stripes, is that of Old Glory and the star-spangled banner – which is also the title of the country’s official national anthem. The 50 stars on the American flags stand for the 50 American states and because of this symbolism, the starred blue canton is also called „union”. This part of the flags can stand alone and be used as maritime flags called Union Jacks.

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