Effects Of Global Warming

Global warming is a phrase that many of us have heard of. There are numerous groups of people and articles which deal with the disastrous effects of global warming. As we go about our daily lives we seldom think how the way that we live affects the environment around us.

While we may think for a few minutes that we need to be more environmentally conscious there are very few of us who actually take the time which is needed. The different reports about the effects of global warming needs our consideration as some of the causes of global warming are caused by us.

You may ask how this is possible. The answers are all staring us in the face if we just choose to look at them. The first place to look for some of the causes and effects of global warming is in our cities.

Whenever you drive on the roads your car is sending out emissions of carbon monoxide. You just have to multiple this effect with that of the numerous other vehicles to understand that driving a fuel engine vehicle does contribute to global warming. This is just one small examples of how the effects of global warming can be caused by the way that we live.

There are numerous activities that we take part in, which in turn have some effect on the growth of global warming. You will find that there are documents which state that deforestation has the effect of causing partial global warming. While the cutting down of trees is one aspect of this cause there are others that we don’t think about.

When some forests are denuded of their trees, the needed trees are carted off to the lumber farms. The excess trees which are not needed at all are then burned. This large scale burning of trees causes an enormous amount of carbon laden air to fill the sky.

This is how the deforestation effects of global warming arise. The other causes and effects of global warming occur closer to home. For instance you will see that the number of cars and other vehicles are on the increase. While this spells good news to the automobile industry it also means lots of carbon emissions.

The city gridlocks which have a tendency to occur during rush hours also allows us to see the effects of global warming. All in all we can see these effects of global warming happening everywhere that we look. The end result of this warming trend affects not only us but plants and animals the world over are affected.

The effects of global warming can also be seen in the many weather disasters which seem to be on the increase. These changes can make a relatively mild hurricane turn into a category 4 – very dangerous – storm. Perhaps the only way out of the effects of global warming and the predicament that we have gotten into is for us to change the way that we live.

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