Global Warming Issues

As we go about our daily lives we seldom think how the way that we live affects the environment around us. While we may think for a few minutes that we need to be more environmentally conscious there are very few of us who actually take the time which is needed. The different global warming issues need our consideration as some of the causes of global warming are caused by us.

One way that we contribute towards the global warming issues is by deforestation. When we were younger we were taught that the trees in the forests, jungles and rainforests were the lungs of the world. By cutting down large amounts of trees the curative abilities of these areas are decreased.

These global warming issues happen because trees need carbon dioxide to live. When large tracts of trees are cut down in one place the balance is lost. The remaining trees canít absorb all of the carbon which is floating in the atmosphere.

Due to this fact the carbon rises in volume in the atmosphere. This is also why deforestation can be seen as one of the causes of global warming.

You can also see some of the global warming issues which are found in our cities. Whenever you drive on the roads your car is sending out emissions of carbon monoxide. You just have to multiple this effect with that of the numerous other vehicles to understand that driving a fuel engine vehicle does contribute to global warming.

Besides these factors, chemicals like methane and nitrous oxide are also global warming issues. These chemicals while in small amounts are not enough to cause damage to the atmosphere and environment. They can be considered as global warming issues when they are used for various schemes which are part of our living styles.

These schemes will include the growth of rice in flooded paddy fields. The other cause of widespread global warming is that of the artificial fertilizers that we use. In some places the pollution which arises from the rearing of domestic animals and their waste products contribute towards the global warming issues.

When all of these actions are taken separately you think there must be a mistake in thinking that these are some of the global warming issues. There is however lots of evidence which supports this case. In order to stop the disastrous effects of global warming you should look at the different global warming issues and see what steps you can take to prevent this fact.

The more people who realize these facts, the sooner we can halt the spread of global warming. We should not wait too long as nature will not wait for us to get our acts straightened out. Remember that the global warming issues are warnings to us to change our ways of living.

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