Global Warming

There are many words that seem to strike fear into the hearts of many people the world over. These words indicate some type of catastrophe which can occur or has occurred. While words like tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes are just a few words that we know of and fear global warming is one that seem to indicate that the world that we know is on the edge of a major global catastrophe.

There have been numerous movies which take the premise of global warming to new heights. Behind these ideas there is however some interestingly true facts which we should not ignore.

Since the warming trends which are happening seem to be on the increase there are many scientific environmental groups which feel that we need to wake up and face some harsh realities about the way that we live.

You will find many documents which details the causes of global warming. While there are some natural causes of global warming, there are even more causes that are man made. These include deforestation, fuel emissions from our vehicles, industrial air pollution and the use of dangerous chemicals like chlorofluorocarbons which are also know as CFCs

You will see that the use of these many products can cause global warming to occur in ways that you donít really imagine. For instance the number of storms like hurricanes and tornadoes are on the increase. You will also see that the global tectonic plates are shifting more than ever.

At first glance these events seem to be unrelated. But when you take a closer look you see that they have a connection and this connection has to do with the earthís atmosphere. The various chemicals which rise to the upper sections of the atmosphere are beginning to build up.

This build up is also called the greenhouse effect. This effect causes less beneficial sunís rays to penetrate the upper atmosphere and reach the earth. When this happens the entire earthís weather starts acting strangely.

It is this unusual weather patterns which bring natural disasters more to the forefront of our lives. While we strive to rectify this situation we need to remember that we share the earth with other living beings. Any major disruptions in the environment can bring about the annihilation of entire species of life.

For all of these reasons we need to think carefully about the effect that we play in global warming. By understanding this role you can devise ways to stop the escalation of global warming and the destruction of life as we know it.

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