Natural Causes Of Global Warming

As we look all around us we see that some times the sky looks hazy and dirty. This is because the sky is covered by pollution. While some of this is pollution is man made there are natural causes of global warming that we can see in the atmosphere. To know what the natural causes are you can use the internet and scientific magazines to gather this information.

As you are looking at these sites you should make a clear distinction between the actual natural causes of global warming and ones which have some connection to people. The first natural cause is that of deforestation. Rather than the cutting down of logs for land and timber this deforestation is caused by forest fires which rage out of control.

While some plants need the fertilizing effects of fire to grow, the other trees and plants in the forest will take many years to grow to their original height. At the height of the fire the sky over the forests are covered with carbon laden smoke. This smoke is then carried by the winds to other areas if the earth. They are also sent into the high atmospheric layers.

You can also find that the world’s oceans are also part of the natural causes of global warming. You will find that the oceans surface carries about 800 billion tons of carbon which are dissolved on the top layers of the water. The atmosphere without all of the artificial chemicals carries about 750 billion tons of carbon.

To find more natural causes of global warming you can look to the frozen wastelands of the North Pole and the South Pole. Here the lands are called permafrost. These permafrost lands have been given the distinction of being known as carbon sinks.

In these lands carbon, methane, and other gases have been locked into the soil. While this soil has been in a frozen condition for over thousands of years, the carbon and other gases have not been allowed to escape into the atmosphere. As many man made structures are built on this permafrost landscape the soil layer is been thawed.

What this means is that the carbon in this soil will become released into the atmosphere. The rate of the greenhouse effects will then increase quite rapidly. When this occurs the permafrost will then become another of the natural causes of global warming.

As you look at the world around us you being to understand that these natural causes of global warming and man are interconnected. To stop the more disastrous effects from occurring you may want to see how we can help.

These methods can be as simple as taking down structures in permafrost lands to replanting the forests, rainforests, jungles and the cities and parks around us with many life giving trees. With our help the natural causes of global warming can be made to be less harmful to all living beings.

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