Baseball Glove

A baseball glove is also called a mitt and it a rather large glove made of leather that base ball players wear when the field so as to enable them to catch the balls which are being hit by the other team.

It is also used to catch the ball when it is thrown by another teammate. It was Doug Allison who first used a glove and that too because he was hurt in his hand. And this was way back in 1870.

Many of the baseball players rejected the glove and termed it feminine but much later many players began to wear a glove to protect their hands and they found that with a glove they were able to catch the ball accurately.

In the early days the base ball glove was made of leather and was simple with the fingertips of the glove being cutoff. It had only the cushioned pad in the center of the palm to catch the ball.

Only in 1920 did a pitcher called Bill Doak suggested that a web be included in the center of the glove between the thumb and first finger to make a pocket so that it would be easy to hold the ball without its slipping away when caught. This was the basic design for a baseball glove.

A baseball glove is used to catch the ball and the other hand is used to hold the ball in place preventing it from falling off. If the player is a right hander than he wears the glove on his left hand and it is vice versa for a left hander.

The shape and size of the baseball glove is determined by the patterns in it and these days the baseball glove have become specialized and position specific. The knuckle ball mitt is large and fits different hand sizes.

The first baseman's mitts do not have individual fingers and they are long and wide so that they can easily scoop balls which are badly thrown by the infielders. Most of the first basemen are usually left handed people so the first baseman's glove is always available in the right handed version.

The infielder's glove is smaller than the first baseman's glove and they have shallow pockets so that the infielders can easily remove the ball out of the glove and throw it quickly. It is the pitcher's glove which has a web so as to allow them to hide the ball mot revealing to the batter the grip of the ball.

The outfielder's glove is long and has deep pockets so that they can easily catch the balls which are flying after being hit by the batter.

Thee are many companies which are manufacturing these base ball glove and a best way to check out the baseball glove is to go to the internet and make a thorough research on the baseball glove that you would like to buy.

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