Cordless Glue Gun

The glue guns are very useful tools that can be used for sticking things that cannot be stuck together by using ordinary glues. These guns make use of a thermosetting plastic, which is also called as hot glue. This plastic can be melted and then spread at the junction of the two things that we have to join. This again becomes hard and thus it joins both of them.

These guns have become very popular today for the commercial as well as the household use. Therefore, today many options for types according to the size shape use etc are available in the market. Among them are the cordless glue guns. As the name suggests these guns work without the connection from the mains. These work on the limited power of the batteries and even then they serve the purpose efficiently. In addition to the ones working on the battery, the guns that work on the gas are also popular.

The cordless glue guns are very useful as they can be used at any place where there is not power supply. However as the power supplied by the batteries is limited they can be used for the light works only which involve low purpose glue. Therefore, generally they are of the type cold temperature type of glue guns.

They have the similar mechanism as the normal glue guns. The glue sticks have to be inserted in them. Then when we make them on the electric power of the battery or the heat energy from the gas will melt the plastic glue. Then using the gun we can deposit this melted plastic at the site of application. Usually, the guns that work on battery work on lower temperature, they are safer and therefore there no burns occur to the user.

As the other rechargeable devices, we have to recharge them regularly once their power gets over. When the battery is recharged, we can take the guns for the use where it is not possible to have an electric connection. However, we can use these guns with the cord for the recharge also. The batteries can work for about 1.5 hours once they are recharged.

In addition to the ones those work on the battery cordless glue guns the cordless glue guns that work on gas are also available in the market. In these, generally the butane gas is used for heating. Therefore, the butane gas refills have to be used in these guns. As these refills are commonly used in the cigarette lighters, they are not hard to find. Therefore, you will not have any trouble finding them in the market. In addition to this, they are cheap. This type of gun will take sometime for heating up.

The important advantage that these guns have is that, they can be used outdoors and places where there is no electric connection available. If they are used for commercial purposes then it is possible to fix the things right where they are located.

The cordless guns, though may take some little time before they start to deposit the molten plastic, they are much more comfortable. After the few seconds, which are required for the heating of the gun, these guns can start working and they will go on until the plastic refill or the battery or the gas refill gets over.

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