Bass guitars are stringed instruments that give a deep tone and serves as a crucial link between the other instruments. It is commonly used at modern jazz, funk, country and disco music scenes. The vibrations of the string cause an electrical signal called pickups and they are amplified through a speaker. They can be even used to alter the sound of the instrument. The bass guitars provide an engaging background music that can capture the attention of several listners.

Leo Fender a famous guitar manufacturer invented the bass guitars in the year 1950. He added many fret that made the instrument easier to play.

Bass guitars have four or five strings but are generally a four stringed instruments. The standard tuning is E-A-D-G .The neck of the bass guitars is divided slightly by metal bars and is marked stating the location of different notes.

Bass guitars are very smooth, have a unique tone, and can be played in a number of styles. Many great musicians like Pino Palladino, Paul Mc Cartney, les Claypool enjoy playing in bass guitars as it gives a melodic approach. Fender, Ibanaz and Gibson are the popular makers of bass guitars. Pedulla, Alembic, Wal, Ricken Backer and Sadowski are famous companies producing handcrafted and custom made bass guitars.

The acoustic bass guitars are larger compared to the ordinary bass guitars. The hollow interior of this bass guitar acts to amplify the strings vibration. These bass guitars retain pickups and are very melodious.

Wood is mainly used for making the bass guitars. The main parts of bass guitars are body, neck, fingerboard, frets, and strings. Wood is used for making the body and the neck. The neck is bolted to the body. A fingerboard is then glued to the neck. This is also in wood. Frets are thin metal strips that are glued on to the fingerboard. Frets can be taken out of bass guitars and the sound changes because of this and these types of guitars are called fretless bass guitars.

Four metal strings are found in bass guitars. Some bass guitars have five or six strings that can play at a lower range of tones than a bass guitar with four strings.

The electric bass guitar has to be connected with a metal cable to an electronic amplifier and to a loud speaker in order to hear the sounds.

There are magnetic pick-ups underneath the strings of bass guitar. The strings vibrate when the musician plucks the strings with his fingers. These vibrations are converted into an electronic signal and then to loudspeaker. There is a volume control knob on the bass guitar with which a musician can adjust the intensity of sound. Rock music or rock and roll uses the bass guitars to play the low-pitched bass lines.

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