Famous Race Horses

The Horse racing is one of the oldest types of games. The development of the horse racing was completed very rapidly and it is conducted now everywhere in the world. There are also many types of horse racing. Some jockeys are taking the part in the horseracing since many years. But the main participants in the horse racing are the horses. Such racing horses are trained in the constant training sessions by trainers and the jockeys make the practice sessions with them. After all such efforts, the horses win the race.

Such horses become famous worldwide due to their performance. If you go on searching for famous race horses, then you can easily get the information about the famous race horses with their records, history and origin. On the basis of biographies of horses, you can get the numerous famous race horses. Following is the selection of few of such famous race horses, which have performed very well in the competitions.


It is considered as world’s most renowned, famous and brilliant horse in the record of racing horses. Affirmed is the winner of Tripe Crown in 1978. Many such grand matches are owned by Affirmed. He represents the thoroughbred champions. Affirmed gives tough fight to other competitors and the thrilling rivalry of Alydar and Affirmed is famous everywhere. The book is also written on him for his legend.


He is the king of all and won the Triple Crown of Texas bred. He was also winner in 1946 for Triple Crown. He is also Thoroughbred champion.


Being the heart of America, the barbaro is one of the famous race horses. He won some of the awards like Kentucky Derby, Florida Derby and Holy Bull stakes. He is famous due to its injuries, treatment and hospitalization.


The retired horse form horse racing, the Cigar was one of the best players in Kentucky Horse Park. He was seen lastly on the track during the race in Turfway Park. He is one of the thoroughbred greats.

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