Daily Racing Form

The Daily Racing Form is one of the very old newspaper companies and it is most renowned and reliable one in the field of Horse Racing. This America based company was started in 1894 and the place of opening the formation was Chicago. It is the broadsheet published in many editions.

It is the daily newspaper for the racing fans providing the comprehensive and correct information to them in the field of racing. The statistical data supplied by this broadsheet newspaper is used by all bettor and tipsters to make the anticipation about the racing result. It is the only service in Untied States which establishes such past performances related to race horses.

Daily Racing form is operated later by different great personalities. Thus the daily racing form is active till the date. Currently, the Daily Racing Form offering around 30 daily editions for different parts in US and for others. The race analysis and selections given in Daily Racing Form differs from addition to addition. As the name suggest this Form helps for making comments and anticipations related to the current performance of the racing horse and it also helps to draw the conclusion to bettors about the winning chance for them.

The Daily Racing has joined hands with VegasInsider.com and it brings all the necessary information about the horse racing sports like news, box scores, betting lines, schedules, real-time score, stats, injury reports, standings etc.

The details which are included in the Daily Racing Form are:

> The Daily Racing Form provides up-to-date information from the launched website by it. The information includes all the news and reviews related to the horse racing took place in last 48 hours. Thus for the people who are active in horse racing, it is just like an informatory section on daily basis.

> The electronic past performance schedule provided by DRF is worth noting due to its detailed data and records. The numerical assessment of the performance of horse on the racetracks is reflected in it. You can also trace all the past records of a particular horse on which are wishing to bet.

> One grade sheet in the daily racing form edition is also appreciated by readers as it gives brief idea about the race, riders, weight or handicapping, likely odds in the gaming and the comment on each horse. This helps for making concrete decisions.

> The tack record provided by DRF has the details of distance, horse with age, weight, time and the date of racing.

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