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Best Hot Tubs

What would a hot tub need to have in order to convince the customer that it is the best buy? In other words which are the best hot tubs of all? When judging this matter of course subjectivity gets in the picture.

Some people say that the best hot tubs are the portable ones because they are smaller and do not take up a lot of space in their homes or in their back yards. They claim that these portable hot tubs are also softer because most of them are made from rubber which does not scratch at all the skin when rubbing against them. They also consider this type of hot tubs to be the best because they are very easy and fast to install not requiring any professional help. In terms of price they are affordable for most categories of people.

Yet others believe that the best hot tubs are those made of wood as wood, especially cedar wood offers longer life to the product they buy and use. True, cedar wood was used even in older times to make barrels in order to store wines and other liquids because they discovered in the long run that cedar is very resistant as storage material. This category of people also claims that cedar wood makes best hot tubs because of the elegant, luxurious appearance it offers to them. They may be right, but then the material also has a say in the price and the affordability. In terms of quality, manufacturers would tend to agree with those favoring wood hot tubs.

There is yet another group of people who think practically and business-like. They agree that the best hot tubs in terms of money making and profit are those most expensive as they increase the value of a property. These types of hot tubs and spas are the ones installed permanently and they require excavation and professional installation. The tubs are made of gunite or concrete and of course the life span is much greater that that of portable or wood hot tubs.

Moreover, the systems the tubs and spas of this kind rely on are very sophisticated and involve a lot of technological ingenuity. Because of those expensive systems, heat is preserved better and obtained faster. From an investment profit relationship, any real estate agent would agree that such a kind of tubs would make the best hot tubs in case of selling property.