P2000 Insulation

Heat always flow from a warmer to a cooler space. Generally the heat flows from warmer living spaces to places like attics, basement and garages which are adjacent but cold. The heat flows indirectly through wall, ceilings and floors to maintain the temperature difference. During winter especially the heat flows outdoors. It is important to reduce the heat loss and maintain the comfort. To do this you have to heat the air using heating system in winter and cool the air in summer using the air conditioner. To avoid this you can insulate the walls, floors and ceilings.

The latest technique in insulating is p-2000 Insulating System. The p-2000 Insulating System is so designed that it effectively reduces the natural movement of heat. The product is very simple like a foam cup but is very advanced in insulating the walls.

The R-value of the insulation determines the effectiveness of the insulator. The R-value of a material is a measure of the effectiveness of the insulation material. The thermal resistive effectiveness varies directly as the R-value of the material. The effectiveness also depends on the factors like how and where it is installed. The R-value of material is little bit different from the R-value of the wall with the same insulation. This is because wood or metal materials in the walls provide a kind of thermal short-circuit in the insulation. The metal in wall causes a greater short-circuiting effect in the insulation. A wall with metal frames can have the R-value as low as 50% of the R-value of the insulator. But in p-2000 Insulating System this short circuiting is reduced using an uninterrupted continuous insulation envelope over the studs.

The installation procedure of p-2000 Insulating System is quite similar to that of paneling. The p-2000 Insulating System is quite efficient which delivers outstanding performance. It is a combination of radiant blocker technology and the semi rigid foam core which gives you excellent insulation. It is a continuous barrier which blocks the cold, heat, moisture and wind. The p-2000 Insulating System can be used in a variety of applications which includes wood frame, log, steel, timber frame, masonry buildings, and renovations. It can be applied to interior walls, roofs, ceilings and floors. The outer wall can also be insulated using p-2000 Insulating System. This can covered with plywood, sheetrock, wood, and steel to give a fine look. It is particularly useful for under concrete walls, floor slabs. The insulation performance of p-2000 Insulating System can be further increased if we apply it with ‘dead air’ space on either or both sides. It saves labor and the material. The installation of p-2000 Insulating System is quite easy to install since it is applied over the wall and is not fit between studs. The material of p-2000 which is very light and compact can be easily cut and applied. The extreme resistance of the material to moisture reduces the mould growth. It does not emit any harmful fumes.

The amount of money you want to spend on the insulation may be finance dependent but this initial investment will pay to reduce the higher energy consumption. As the costs of fuel and electrical power keep raising this investment quite make sense.

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