Armaflex Insulation

Armacell is a leading company in engineered foams. The company provides specialty rubber and foam solutions for various industries. The company has developed Armaflex which is considered as renowned trademark in flexible foam insulation. The company is also a chief supplier of expanded rubber product and value-added foams. These are used for industrial, packaging, sport, leisure applications. The company has 20 manufacturing facilities in 13 countries and holds a prominent position in service market.

Armaflex is a closed cell, flexible, CFC free, elastomeric material which is used for the insulation of ducting, pipe work, and vessels with quality fire performance. This product has a low thermal conductivity. It is high resistive to water vapor transmission and hence is preferred for condensation control and energy saving. The main mechanical and technical insulation covering systems include Arma-Chek systems, NH/Armaflex, HT/Armaflex, Armafix, and Tubolit.

Arma-Chek systems are a professional covering system to minimize corrosion under insulation. It used for petrochemical, gas, process and marine applications. The product has varieties like Arma-Chek R, Arma-Chek D, Arma-Chek S+, Arma-Chek T , and ArmaSound Industrial systems.

The NH/Armaflex is material that does not contain any PVC or halogen compound. HT/Armaflex CFC free PVC free material specially developed for applications needing higher temperatures. This material does not need painting under normal environment conditions. Armafix is used insulate pipes and ducts in the refrigerators. It is also used in pipe supports and air conditioning systems. The product is designed to maintain full vapor barrier at the support break points. This is advantageous for the conservation of energy. This can be faced with the Class O or NH Armaflex for effortless bonding to the adjacent insulation. Tubolit is also a CFC free and HCFC free, flexible polyethylene insulation material. This is used for pipe insulation and has low thermal conductivity. This is especially developed for saving the energy. If offers high frost protection on the domestic heating and plumbing systems.

The professional insulations that have ‘inbuilt water-vapor barrier’ are also offered by armaflex for marine applications. These products prevent energy losses and condensation. The list of the products includes AF/Armaflex, AP/Armaflex, and Class O Armaflex. The Armafix pipe and duct support eliminate the thermal bridging.

The Armaflex insulation product accompanies a wide range of armaflex accessories. The Armaflex Adhesive 520 is specially formulated to guarantee a uniform and safe seam binding which produces butt joints with any given object. The Armaflex Adhesive HT625 is one component adhesive. This has been developed to ensure Armaflex insulation bonding especially at a high temperature. This is used with HT/Armaflex material. It ensures a safe and homogenous bonding at the seams and joints.

The armaflex cleaner is another important accessory used for cleaning the soiled surfaces and the Armaflex elastomerics before the adhesive or the paint is applied. It is also used to remove adhesive from the brushes and tools. Arma-Chek Mastic is a very high quality sealant. This is used for Arma-Chek D, Arma-Chek S, and Arma-Chek R. It is specially designed for the elastic joints requiring high strength. Armaflex Gluemaster is a glue pump. Gluing is faster and efficient and no brush is needed.

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