Ag Jeans

There are many different types of people that love wearing clothes. The different clothes that people wear includes the ever popular blue jeans. You can find a number of different brands of jeans that are available for this purpose. One brand is called AG Jeans. This brand is named after the creator of these jeans.

The name of the AG Jeans creator is Adriano Goldschmied. The company was founded in 2000. To help with the creation process Goldschmied joined partnership with Yul Ku of Koos Manufacturing. This partnership allowed for the creation of a brand new jeans. This new jean was new called AG jeans.

When the two founders decided to part company, Yul Ku became the owner of AG Jeans. Before this occurred the products of AG Adriano Goldschmied jeans was successfully sold from a small boutique. The products from this company have steadily grown from the time of its inception.

Once the company was fully established and Ku became the owner of this company and there new developments in the line of jeans began. The people who are helping Ku develop and expand the line of jeans and other products from this company are ones who enjoy a challenge.

To help these people get their creative juices running the environment in the AG Jeans company is based on a think tank environment. Here the people who work on the designing of jeans and other products work in tandem with marketing people. The successful work that they do is the reason why this brand of jeans is so well know.

Currently AG Jeans is sold in a number of stores in different countries. These stores are located in Canada, Western Europe and also in Asia. There are about 9 or so different collections of jeans. These are Stilt Jeans, Angel Jeans, Cropped Jeans, Club Jeans, Casablanca Jeans, Elite Jeans, Kiss jeans, Corded Jeans, and Assorted Styles.

Additionally you will see that there is a range of clothes which includes fashion coordinates. In this range you will find jackets, vests, tee-shirts, and denim dresses. These are just a few of the clothes that you will find in the AG Jeans range of clothes. When you look at the superior brand of clothing from this company you will see why so many people love to buy and wear these clothes.

A Great-Fitting Pair of Jeans: Everyone needs a great pair of jeans, but if you are tall it is extra important that you find a pair that is truly long enough for you. This is one item that it is really worth splashing out on - however tempting it may be to just go buy a pair of men's jeans, you owe it to yourself to have one pair of jeans that make you look fabulous. It is possible to find women's jeans up to 40" inside leg.

  • A Fitted Jacket That Really Fits: This jacket could be any fabric that suits your style - denim, velvet, corduroy, tweed. If you have a long back you need a jacket that is designed to fit you. This jacket will take you from work to play depending on whether you team it with a smart skirt or your great jeans.
  • A Skirt That Is Your Perfect Length: You know what your favourite length is, so whether you look best in long, knee-length or shorter, have one skirt that is your perfect length in your best dark colour (black, brown, navy or grey to suit your colouring).
  • A Classic Shirt: Just like your jacket this must really fit - no borrowing from the boys! Get at least one in whatever white shade suits your skin tone and then as many as you like in other colours and prints.
  • Tailored Trousers: Like your jeans, these need to fit really well. Again, spend the money and get a really good quality pair that fits well and will really last.
  • A Pair Of Boots: Many tall girls have feet in proportion to their larger frame. Find yourself pair of classic go-with-anything knee length boots, but make sure they really do go right to your knee and not halfway up your calves.
  • A Great Winter Coat: Everyone needs a really good winter coat and no matter what your height, it is an investment piece. So, before you spend your cash, make sure that your coat really fits your body shape. You must feel really happy that the shoulders are wide enough, that the waist is in the right place and that the arms will keep your wrists warm on a cold winter's day.

    No matter if you are plus size, petite, tall or average, it s difficult to find the perfect pair of jeans, so we could also use a few tips.

    It s not always easy finding the right pair of jeans. There are just too many styles to choose from. By keeping some of these tips in mind you can find that perfect pair of jeans.

    Some useful hints include:

    Before deciding on which pair of jeans to wear, it s imperative to choose the type of shoes you ll be sporting. This is because the heel normally will determine how the jean will fall or lay to the ground.

    Also remember that most jeans are not pre-shrunk when you purchase them. So make sure you allow for a bit of shrinkage.

    Low-rise jeans sit low on the waist and provide the perfect opportunity to show off those abs!

    Boot-cut jeans are loose through the leg and wide at the leg opening.

    Flare leg jeans are fun and funky which feature a wide, flared opening at the leg.

    Stonewashed jeans are light and have a more broken-in appearance.

    Distressed jeans have holes, shredding or crinkles to give it that highly worn appearance.

    Dark jeans are the ideal jeans for a night out.

    Not all jeans fit all body types. So keep in mind your body type and jean style when selecting jeans.

    Full-figured body types should choose traditional five-pocket style jeans that aren t too snug. A bootcut jean will help to balance your figure and make your legs appear longer. And always select jeans in a darker shade.

    Slimmer body types look great in jeans with a slight flare at the leg opening. Low-rise and pocket jeans are also good choices.

    Athletic types have narrow hips and athletic legs. Bootcut jeans are flattering as well as low-rise jeans.

    Some of the newest hottest trends in the stores today are True Religion and 7 for all Mankind.

    Today s jeans are not for just wearing around the house. Designer jeans are versatile and trendy and easily transition from daytime to evening.

    The AG Jeans line is thoroughly committed to providing its customers with the highest in quality products. AG Jeans is an American company that takes pride in its desire to promote the dream of good living for everyone.

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