After The Job Interview

After the job interview, it is advisable not sit near the phone awaiting the offer. Do not call the interviewer back immediately to know the result. Instead, after the job interview is over, send a thank you note to company where you have attended the interview. Thank you letters must express your gratitude towards the company for giving you an opportunity for interview, and making this experience a memorable one. Through your thank you letter, you can reconfirm that you indeed want to work for the organization and indicate that you are waiting positively to hear some good news from them soon. If more than one interviewer has interviewed then you must send a thank you letter to each one of them.

In the thank you letter, you can restate the services that you can give to the company and how your services will benefit the company. A thank you letter must be grammatically correct without any spelling mistakes.

After the job interview if you do not receive any response from the interviewer within two weeks then you could send an email or call the interviewer and check the status. If a decision about you is still pending then ask the interviewer about when the decision will be finalized. If the decision is finalized and you are rejected then ask the interviewer the reason for rejection. Try to get the exact feedback from the employer would recommend that may improve your chances of selection at the next interview. Those recommendations will be helpful for your future interviews.

If you receive mail, from interviewer that another applicant was chosen then you should send follow up letter to the interviewer and again thank him or her for giving an opportunity to interview. Let them know that you will be interested for a similar position in future.

After the job interview, many organizations may call for second interview. Express your pleasure at being chosen for the second interview. Ask them through email or phone about the format of second interview. Call the interviewer and ask the place where the interview would be held.

Enquire the name of the interviewer and ask the interviewer’s designation in the company. If the interview is far from your place then ask him or her about how to reach the place.Second interviews give an opportunity to view the company in action. You can now decide whether you will be comfortable working in this organization. Observation will definitely give you the answer. Do not forget to send a second thank you letter after you finish the second interview.

It is important as they have a called you for the second time. If you are selected for the job in the second interview then do not argue with the employer if he or she is paying low salary. Your argument will frustrate the employer and he or she may reject you for the job.

If you are selected for the job then you can also inquire about the rules and regulations of the company, dress code of the company, number of casual leaves that can be taken etc.

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