Dagger Kayak

Dagger kayaks are one of the world's best innovative kayak producing companies. In innovating and designing, something new in the amazing world of kayaks is the company's main priority. In just around 30 years they have made name for themselves. Kayaks produced by this company perform at the top in many kayaking competitions and for recreational use.

Dagger kayaks are constantly praised by paddlers around the globe for their maneuverability and ruggedness. Most appreciated features of dagger kayaks are their cutting edge design, stability on water and most important their sturdy construction.

Dagger kayaks was establish by Joe Pulliam and his three paddling buddies, they had vision to see flourishing sport equipment industry especially for kayaking. After long research and hard work they finally decided to set up their company in Roane County, TN. They decided this particular location because of its low rent and proximity to variety of quality paddling.

The main product of dagger kayaks is the whitewater boat. These boats are famous for 11:57 AM 12/18/2007them but their other product range also includes many touring and recreational kayaks. The latest design for whitewater series contains some interesting products like Mamba, Kingpin, Nomad, RPM, juice models and not to forget their award winning Crazy 88 series. Outside magazine's "gear of the year" was awarded to crazy 88 series in 2005; the best features of this Crazy88 series kayaks are more hull speed, volume distribution in its deck and perfect design so as to easily drive across the waves. Kayaks from Nomad series have unique safety features and has rock solid design. Agent type of whitewater kayak is great for big air and big moves.

Dagger Approach hybrid touring and whitewater kayak is an ideal choice for those looking for a boat to cover all bases or are not yet sure which direction they wish to take kayaking. Dagger Fiesta is perfect for recreational paddling and can be easily paddled by both children and adults. Dagger Exodus is specially designed for an expedition; exodus is an easier kayak to paddle. Competent paddlers can use Dagger Cortez as it is a lean and fast kayak .Dagger Blast has all features that smaller or junior kayak must have, this can be used on flat water, white water and helps you to deliver high performance.

Touring line of dagger kayaks includes Exodus, Halifax and Specter series. They have this specialized polyethylene hulls. Airalite models are lighter and stiffer, they are bit more expensive but they are worth of its cost. For recreational kayaks there are many different types of kayaks are produced by Dagger kayaks like Blackwater, Element and Catalyst series. These kayaks are available in both solo a tandem models. These kayaks have Aircore recreational touring seat system, which is very comfortable, especially for multi day trip.

There are minor complaints about the Dagger series but those are common for all major brands who manufacture kayaks. So apart from their minor faults Dagger kayaks are still highly recommended, because of their rock solid construction, innovative designs and warranty.

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