Wide Plank Laminate Flooring

Want a new look in your house? Or maintain the old-fashioned look yet still replace the flooring you’ve got? Are you interested in time efficiency as well? Then the present laminate products should catch your eye when it comes to flooring. Wide plank laminate flooring presents much the same quality as the narrow plank laminate flooring. When buying wide plank laminate flooring you need to take into account the appearance you want to offer your house on the inside. Therefore check internet sites or go to home centers which surely sell wide plank laminate flooring to see whether the nuances available on the market match your taste. The finish of either the narrow or the wide plank laminate flooring is what provides the old-fashioned, much-trafficked or shiny, brand-new look you want.

You might as well be interested in the quality of such flooring. Some say the wide plank laminate flooring is better than narrow plank laminate flooring but after all it simply gets down to who installs it and how fast they do it. Obviously the new locking system which has taken gluing out of the picture together with the width make it twice easier and faster to install, therefore less time-consuming for you and less expensive for your pocket. The wide plank laminate flooring manufacturers also offer a certain warranty so you should buy that type of wide plank laminate flooring that has the longest warranty – let us say somewhere between 10 and 15 years. In addition, make sure that you choose that type of wide plank laminate flooring which is water resistant, not only for your bathroom but also for the other rooms. You never know when you might have all-thumbs guests around or when your kid forgets the water running.

In case you still want to maintain the look of the narrow plank floor and reduce the amount of time for installing it, then buy wide plank laminate flooring that preserves by means of its finish and texture the look of the narrow plank pattern you have in mind. It is easy to fool the eye and if you want your eye fooled, be sure manufacturers have already thought about it. If a picture on an internet site is not convincing enough then order a sample of the wide plank laminate floor that has drawn your attention. If you are still not convinced, then log on internet forums and see what others have to say about the narrow or the wide plank laminate flooring. Good-luck in making your choice!

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