Accent Lamps

Understanding the working principles of accent lighting in general is essential for the correct choice of the systems meant to create the magic and coziness you expect from your home. Accent lamps can be used anywhere around the house: they can draw attention to special artwork or simply highlight house architecture. Whichever be your reasons for choosing accent lamps, here are some rules to follow for the decoration of the various rooms in the most successful of ways. You cannot definitely use the same type of accent lighting items everywhere around the house, since functionality won't allow it.

In halls, foyers and stairways, the best type of accent lamps are wall sconces; they need to be installed at a certain distance above the eye level and in such a way so as the lamp source is perfectly camouflaged. Highlighting is the only purpose of using accent lights, hence, the focus falls on the object or the area the requires attention and not on the device that makes it possible. Though accent lamps can also be decorative in their turn, their main purpose is the functional one; the better they focus attention on a room corner or an artistic detail, the more valuable they are.

Special fixtures are installed for the accent lamps that need to fulfill a wall wash or a grazing function, and a specialist should be consulted when it comes to the installation of the system. In case you want to use some accent lamps to emphasize the bookcase features, strip lighting using low voltage systems is ideal for the little touch of drama you'd be looking for. As for table areas and dining room important corners, accent lamps with recessed fixtures are usually perfect. You may also consider the use of a chandelier in case you should need brilliance instead of dim, low intensity lights.

The most complex problems you may have to face are related to the accent lamps you'd have to install in the bathroom, more precisely in the mirror area. There are plenty of cases when people choose to install the lights as they think fit, and the ulterior results prove that the decision has been most unfortunate. Always check with an expert when it comes to using accent lights in the bathroom, if you want to avoid blinding effects or shadowy corners in the exact place where you'd have needed more light. Apart from drama and special effects, accent lamps could prove highly practical particularly for such matters.

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