12 Volt Light Bulbs

12 Volt Light Bulbs are popular sellers. There are different varieties available in 12 volt light bulbs, as well. These include 12 volt incandescent light bulb, 12 volt halogen light bulb and 12 volt Xenon light bulbs. Replacing a 12 volt light bulb requires three, five, ten, twenty and twenty five watt light bulbs.

12 volt RV Light Bulbs- the number of the light bulb is there on the brass or silver base of the old light bulb. Most of the time, the number embossed on the base of the bulb and that is very difficult to read. In such cases, you have to polish the base of the metal and use a magnifying glass for reading the number of the bulb from the old bulb.

12 volt RV fluorescent light bulbs- the number of the fluorescent light bulb is generally stamped at the end of the old fluorescent tube. To understand the numbering system of the bulb properly, "F" denotes the wattage of the bulb, whereas "T" denotes the diameter of the bulb in inches. Thus, "5" denotes a 5/8" diameter tube and "8" is a 1" tube.

The 12 volt light bulbs produce 4 times more light as compared to the wattage incandescent bulbs. It is very effective and lasts for a long time than any other halogen bulbs of incandescent bulbs. For lamps using 12 volts, yoy need some additional parts other than a regular socket. The 12 volt fixtures are generally heavier because they usually require a transformer.

The 12 volt fixtures reduce the amount of energy that is being used for lowering the voltage and so they are considered as energy efficient. A transformer is needed for converting the 120 volt household current into 12 volts and they also need hard wiring. A 12 volt fixture adapts the efficient bulbs that provide a variety of wattages as well as beam spreads along with the 50-watt MR-16 that is very famous in galleries.

MR-16- 20 Watt 12 Volt- this type of bulb is just a small reflector that is gaining a lot of popularity nowadays. Their main identification is the 2-pin base and the 3 letter designation. The voltage as well as the wattage covers a wide variety. 12 Volt Light Bulbs are available online and off.

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