Electric Mattress Pad

These types of electric mattress pads are specially designed to consume small amount of electricity and provides high quality warming to the user. These mattress pads are incorporated with low voltage, which are safe for use. We can operate such electric mattress pads by using power less than 25 volts. Such electric mattress tabs are assembled with UL standards for voltage, which is not harmless. So these are one of the safest types of the mattresses.

The main electric function of such electric mattress pads is that it is incorporated with the power supply box which converts 120 volt AC into the DC current of low voltage. So that DC current is equivalent to the voltage of the battery. So such electric configuration of the electric mattress pads assure you that there is no threat of electric current while using these mattress pads. In these electric mattress pads, the power supply box is located on the ground which is very close to the leader of the bed. The approximate measurement of such power supply box is 8.625"L x 2.5"D x 3"H.

These electric mattress pads are incorporated with feature of mechanical preheating. The warming pads of low voltage generate sufficient mount of heat to maintain your body temperature warm, which makes you relaxed while sleeping. These electrical mattress pads are designed in such a way that it makes the bed hot automatically. Also it is facilitated with the function of automatic turning off the heating after 10 hours approximately. In addition, it gets turned off when any irregular heating arise within or exterior of the blanket. In such electrical mattress pads, we find the blending of the cotton clothe of 210 thread count approximately with sateen clothe which is packed with fiber of polyester type.

The controller of the electric mattress pad is light in weight having the wide and easily readable numbers containing the on/off switches. The setting range of such electric mattress pad is L0, 1-9, HI approximately. Such electric mattress pad has potential to fit the mattresses surface up to 15 approximately.

This type of electric mattress pad is used as an option for the electric blanket. This electric mattress mainly supplies the heat not above the body but it generates the heat beneath the body. If while night, there is tremendous cold; then some people give importance for using the electric mattress pad all the night by warming up the bed surface with the heat. The pads in electric mattress help us from keeping away from the shocks of sheets which can be very cold.

It is very scratchy feeling from the opening version of electric mattress pads because of its manufacturing of having wires in the electric pads. Some these electric mattress pads are largely covered with cushions. These electric mattress pads are provided with dual control of electric blanket by which we can adjust its heat temperature according to individual need. In the electric mattress pads, the heat under the body is very useful for health problem like arthritis.

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