Foam Mattress Topper

Foam mattress topper is used as addition to your existing memory foam mattresses. They help you get the same comforts and support which you can have from an original mattress. Over the time period, your foam mattress sags and the quality is reduced. Adding foam mattress topper pads to the mattress is the best way to relieve your pains and comfortable sleeping postures.

Foam mattresses are fast catching the people’s eyes and are major hit in the mattress industry. Memory foam mattress is very comfortable and has visco elastic material which is specially designed by the NASA’s experts. It conform your body’s shape and retains that conformity while sleeping on the mattress. This revolutionary foam mattress has change people’s lives forever. Memory foam or the visco elastic material has remarkable conforming characteristics and the capability to soak up heat. It will mould to your body shape whatever dimension and spread your body weight evenly over the surface of your mattress.

Swedish mattress company Tempur Pedic launched the first memory foam mattress for the general consumers, in the year 1991. It received a good response and thus in following years other companies launched the same material in the form of different brand names.

Though foam mattresses are durable and steady, over the years its quality and ability to reduce pressure on body joints, diminishes. Therefore, instead of buying new mattress you can top up your mattress with foam mattress toppers available in market. These foam mattress toppers give you the same results as that of original mattress. Foam topper pads can be easily embedded in your existing mattress and your old mattress will work like brand new one. You can add more than one topper pad to the mattress, depending on condition of the mattress. These foam mattress topper pads are available in all sizes and colors. Various different foam topper brands are available in market. Generally, 2” or 3” mattress sizes are used. The weight for standard foam topper pads is around 4lb.

These foam mattress toppers are temperature sensitive. The material used for creating these toppers is viscous and have a elastic tendency when temperature is changed. That is why it is also called as visco elastic foam toppers. As the temperature raises foam toppers melts, softens and takes your body shape accordingly. This ability is the reason for that ease melting feeling you get while sleeping on foam topper pads. This temperature sensitivity varies in different brands, and thus varies the comfort. Moreover, foam mattress toppers have cells, which have holes in them. As you sleep on the foam mattress topper, foam toppers deforms and conform your body mass. Foam cells compress completely and distribute air pressure to nearby cells. Because of these unique properties, foam topper pads give you that extra feeling and soothe you always desire.

Foam mattress toppers are much healthier. They are more sensible deal than buying costly new mattress or replacing coils of old fashioned mattresses. Therefore, foam topper pads are the best choice you have. There are numerous brands like HealthFoundation, A1 Mattress, TemperPudic and others, which provides foam toppers.

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