Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are the latest type of mattress launched in the market. Memory foam mattresses are manufactured by using specially designed foam, which has unique properties. This memory foam is specially created to ease the body while sleeping. Memory foam mattresses are one of their kinds and are fast winning peopleís hearts. There are number of brands available in market. First memory mattresses were made in Sweden.

Memory foam is nothing but a visco elastic material specially designed by NASA researchers. This visco elastic material is used inside the astronautís sleeping mattress so that it can relieve astronauts from huge g-force exerted during lift off. This visco elastic material takes up the bodyís shape when you sleep on the mattress and hold its conformity. This is breakthrough technique, which has given relief from pain and uneasy sleeping postures. Then in 1991, Swedish mattress company Tempur Pedic launched the first memory foam mattress for the general consumers. It received a good response and thus in following years other companies launched the same material in the form of different brand names.

Memory foam or the visco elastic material has remarkable conforming characteristics and the capability to soak up heat. It will mould to your body shape whatever dimension and spread your body weight evenly over the surface of your mattress. Thus, it ensures a serene and restful sleep. During night sleeps, substantial pressure is applied to a variety of joints in our body. By sleeping on the visco elastic memory foam material mattress will automatically reduce the pressure applied on these joints. It outlines pressure in to memory foam material, and thus relieves you.

The memory foam is created by combining certain chemicals with polyurethane foam material. It increases the density of the foam, thus forming visco elastic foam having certain special characteristics.

Memory foam mattress helps reduce pain associated with many disorders. Therefore, doctors and health professionals recommend memory foam mattress. Memory foam has unique feature of hypoallergenic, good for allergy prone persons. Memory foam mattress reduces tossing and turning in bed, thus giving you comfort and luxury you require most in sleeping time. In addition, memory foam mattress is defiant to dust mites. Memory foam mattresses require no turning, as they do not sag like the usual ones. With the use of memory foam mattress, there is no more disturbing your partner. The memory foam mattress contours you and your partnerís weight separately. Memory foam mattress is suitable for all age groups and for all body types.

Today Tempur Pedic, Sealy, Simons, Jamison are some of the top brands in mattress industry. These companies give you the best of the memory foam mattresses. Each company has a varied quality and comforts to offer consumers. Some of the companies changes chemical composition of the visco elastic materials and offers it by different type. Thus, memory foam mattress is really a rocket science, which is worth every penny you spend.

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