Air Force Song

For those who are part of the U.S. Air Force, the so-called Air Force song serves as a symbol and a reflection of their identity; its origins go back as early as 1939, when World War II had already started, and it is often seen as an epitome of the fight for justice. The air force song has very touchy lyrics reflecting not just the commitment to one's duty but the honor of serving and the joy of knowing the immensity of the sky. Usually only some parts of the air force song are performed at events: the general trend is to sing the first four verses, with an insistence on the third one: “Here's a toast ...”

This verse has a different mood than the rest of the lyrics, which is why they sing it differently: in no more than three words, the air force song brings homage to those fallen on the battlefield. However, the same verse also marks a sports victory, being performed after very tough, but entertaining matches. Furthermore, all the flights sing the air force song before embarking on basic training programs; not to mention that it is far more popular than the very official fight song of the American Military Academy.

Why choose a song as a means of sending a certain message? Couldn't logos work better for such matters? Yes and no; given the fact that music is part of a very old military tradition, the air force song also sets a continuity with the past. Soldiers used to sing on many other occasions on the battlefields, on ships at sea or even during battles as such. Therefore, the air force song carries both a drop of history and makes spirits bright for those who accept the challenge of the immensity for the sake of their country.

The air force song belongs to a category of music manifestations that are performed not just at special official events, interludes or parades, such a song can also be used in marching too. It could be labeled as both fun and extremely team building, as it makes any of the crew members flying their birds keep in mind the fact that they are not alone. There were even moments when the air force song was hummed by pilots in tough situations in order to fight fear and make their duty to the end. An emotional, yet tough composition, the air force song keeps the military spirit alive in the soldiers' hearts.

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