Vanity Mirror

High practicability is the main feature of a vanity mirror and it couldn't be otherwise since it is usually used in the bathroom, assisting us for very specific tasks of daily routine. We benefit from the vanity mirror every time we simply wash our hands, since it is almost impossible to stand in front of it and not get a glimpse to the face. However, many modern vanity mirror models are designed so as to be perfect for the reflection of large body parts, which means at least down to the hips. The best type of lighting to be used with a vanity mirror consists of one or more task lamps installed above or on each side of the mirror.

In some cases, a vanity mirror is combined with a concave mirror so that the image you see in the vanity mirror may be magnified by the other one. The combination is extremely practical for the carrying on of specific tasks in the bathroom: shaving, applying make up, cosmetic treatment application, hair styling and so on. The style of the vanity mirror very much depends on the personality of the user: it is the way you feed personal “vanity”, and the bigger the ego, the larger the mirror.

When choosing the design of the vanity mirror it is good to have a perspective kind of thinking: you are going to use this item for quite a long time; hence try to imagine the whole picture. The first selection criterion of a vanity mirror is the perfect balance between the practical and the aesthetic element. How much do you actually need the vanity mirror? Does it meet your needs or your fancy? If you are equally aware of the practical nature of the item as you are of the design, then we can say that you have all the factors that could influence the decision of paying more or less money for the product.

There are several vanity mirror models and one has to be pretty firm and clear about what he or she needs in order to make a good selection. First of all, the choice of a vanity mirror depends on the nature of the lamps used together with it. Then, is it meant to be used for magnifying purposes as well? If yes, you'll have to check the possibility of combining it with another concave mirror. Last but not least, one also needs to know whether an adjustable vanity mirror would be the right item for the bathroom. Think well before you make up your mind!

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