Accent Mirror

The interest in interior decoration is usually higher for the use of accent lighting than for the use of an accent mirror; nevertheless, what many people don't know is that lamps and mirrors are the perfect combination for creating an outstanding indoor design. First of all, what is the purpose of an accent mirror and does it always have to be combined with a lamp? Certain house corners are not always exploited at the maximum when it comes to good looks and functionality and an accent mirror can help you achieve incredible visual effects. For instance, with two different accent mirrors placed in a small and otherwise dull hallway, one can easily create the impression of roominess.

Then, an accent mirror placed behind or facing an art object will increase its aesthetic effect and make it easy to spot the moment one enters the room. A successful interplay of lights and shadows can be created at night by carefully selecting lamps and accent mirrors that make certain room corners stand out while camouflaging some others. From this perspective, we understand why many interior designers consider that the happy choice of an accent mirror contributes to the making of the atmosphere.

Moreover there are cases when an accent mirror is used in combination with another wall mirror so as to create an in-depth effect specific to the most modern of backgrounds. Thus, anyone entering a living room where such a mirror combination is used will be both pleased and intrigued by the effect he or she will be exposed to. However, do not exaggerate with using too many mirrors as from a certain point onwards the effect ceases to be artistic and becomes disturbing. In case you don't know how to optimize the use of an accent mirror you can always ask for the help of a professional interior designer.

A more practical and even commercial application of accent mirrors is in shops and museums. With the help of an accent mirror, the most beautiful jewel will be several times more sparkling and attractive. The same rules applies for any other objects on display regardless if they are exhibited for show or for sale. It has also been noticed that stores that rely on lighting effects to make their merchandise more attractive, often make use of an apparently camouflaged accent mirror to increase the brightness and achieve the glamor aura that attracts customers.

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