Copper Outdoor Lighting

The best way to add a rustic, antique look to the outdoor lights is to use copper outdoor lighting. This is the reason why many people use copper outdoor lighting. This choice gives a high quality and artistic view to the décor of a house.

The copper outdoor lights have very good natural resistive power against a wide range of different climates. Copper can never rot, rust or corrode. Hence, use of copper in outdoor lighting is the best choice. In early stages of weathering films of copper oxide are formed on the exposed copper. This copper oxide formed from the exposure to sunlight then turns into the films of cuprous and cupric sulfide. These films may range from black to brown depending upon the requirement of the environment. These films darken the copper surface appreciably and give a splendid hue to the lighting. The continued exposure then results in sulfide films turning to copper sulfate patina. The greenish patina is a natural protection against and reduces further corrosion of the copper outdoor lights.

The natural range of colors of copper lightings can be used to the best of aesthetic advantage. The various stages of weathering give the copper outdoor lighting appliances a beautiful look. The patina formation takes nearly 5 to 7 years in industrial area while in rural area it may take 10 to 14 years. The weathering and lighting fixtures allow the lighting to blend in the surroundings. The various patterns of fixtures are designed to fit the surroundings. They are in forms of plants and flowers many times. This allows perfect amalgamation of modern day equipments with natural beauty.

Plastic and any other metal material is affected by sunlight. This causes brittleness in them which causes the material to crack or crumble. Copper, years after installation, is not embrittled by sunlight. The copper outdoor lightings are durable as well as beautiful outdoor lighting applications.

Copper has played a major role in the history of civilization. This uncompounded metal is in use for last 10, 000 years. There are ample evidence of the use of copper by great civilizations like Greece and Egypt. Cyprus was the main place where copper was mined and hence got the name ‘metal of Cyprus’. It was then shortened to cuprum. Only 12% of copper reserves are mined in the history. According to sources the earth still has 61 years of supply of this metal left.

The copper outdoor lighting is available in various forms. There is a vast variety of copper outdoor lightings and accessories. There are copper outdoor surface step lights. You can choose copper floodlight. The brick lights are also available in copper. There are copper hanging bell lights which add beauty to the outdoor décor. You can choose from copper laser stake and collar stake lights. Copper micro stake and copper halogen mini down lights are also available at reasonable price. There is a variety of copper hanging lights. The surface lights also have a vast range of copper lights. Copper bullet spots and copper louvered step lights can highlight the surfaces of structure beautifully.

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