Lamy Pens

Though designed and launched on the European market, Lamy pens imposed themselves as some of the best products in the field. Initially specialized in the production of fountain pens, the German company started its activity in the early 30s and opened the door to the use of synthetic plastics for the making of the product. Thus, Lamy pens were among the most first to use such manufacturing primary matters. The company was founded as a family business and it has remained with the Lamies ever since, being presently run by the founder's son. The guiding principle of the Lamy pens is their functionality, always kept at the highest standards possible.

Lamy pens and refills are utilitarian first and foremost, and each product launched on the market has a specific name that distinguishes it from the others. Take for instance the “Scribble” model: this is a mechanical pencil with graphite refills that works great for drawing sketches. Thus, when you look for a certain item among the many Lamy pens, you should also be familiar with this surname of the product. Awards for quality pen design are among the many distinctions the Lamy company has received over years, and this should not surprise one since pens launched in the 60s are still in production today.

Lamy produces fountain pens and ballpoints alike; the latter have the advantage of modern designs such as telescoping and triangular models. These kinds of Lamy pens come in all sort of chromed colored finishings, some of them being sold together with especially designed leather carrying cases. Here is one further reason for which Lamy perns make great gifts for a dear one or for a business partner, as they are suitable for both personal and formal gift making. Some Lamy pens that are produced in the ballpoint variant have remained faithful to the fountain pen design.

Among the more special Lamy pens we should include the multi-system varieties that make a combination of ballpoint and a highlighter in one unique body. Most such models are made of aluminum and presently enjoy a high value recognition on the market. On the other hand, there are the mechanical Lamy pens that deserve all the attention, as they are considered highly reliable tools particularly for people who depend on sketching. From 0.7 to 3.15 mm variants, such Lamy pens have clip removing features as well as integrated erasers and needles for corrections and de-clogging.

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