Papermate Pens

Papermate pens definitely have a long history as the producing company PaperMate created the first ball pen that used a very special instant-dry ink in 1949. The biggest advantage the company had over classical ink pens was that one shouldn't waste time anymore in waiting for the page to dry. Since their appearance, papermate pens entered the best selling top. The high quality of the product is the main weapon that PaperMate uses against competition. After consolidating their position as top industry in the pen making business they began launching more and more products. In a short interval of time new writing instruments appeared: erasable ink, pens with rubberised grips and pens that can write at any angle according to the user's wish.

Today the company is constantly developing new items such as permanent markers under the Sharpie brand, accent highlighters, an entirely new range of papermate pens as well as liquid paper correcting products. Papermate pens can really make the difference between a boring writing and an a pleasant activity, their two heart logo is recognized by everybody and it has been a respected symbol since its creation. The company has offered clients high quality pens for more than fifty years now, and this says everything about the kind of business relations they build. PaperMate is part of the Sanford concern, which is the leading player in the manufacturing of writing tools, they also have a strong position in the art material industry.

Regardless of one's profession or age, you can be a student or a person with a brilliant career, papermate pens can be the ideal writing solution as they come with the ultimate innovations in both materials and design. Being one of the world's most respectable pen brands PaperMate can be found virtually anywhere. From the moment we enter school and throughout other life experiences papermate pens will prove to be good partners in any situation when writing is a way of communication and a business part. They offer a wide range of products from fresh models to the most custom-made varieties.

A wide range of colors is also available, from translucent colors to bright shades and tones. Variety is another key word when speaking about papermate pens: gel pens, stick pens, mechanical pens, ball pens, the multi-function pen as well as the liquid paper correction products that match any budget. The price is another advantage as a good relation between quality and cost is preserved, the majority of the PaperMate's clients say that the company offers the best possible quality in relation to prices.

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