Parker Pens

George Parker founded the John Holland Gold Pen Company in 1889 when he got recognition and the patent for his first fountain pen, and in 1894, the company created the Lucky Curve, a very appreciated pen model at that time. It is said that it absorbed extra ink back into the reservoir, and that was the pen widely used until the Second World War.

In 1920, when ballpoint pens appeared for the first time, Parker started developing their own concept, the new models were a market success, in thirty years of sales the company announced profits of more than 400 million dollars. The company extended to Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Denmark, France and the United Kingdom covering both the American and European continents.

The Parker Pens company was sold in 1976 when Manpower bought it, and in time the new owner reported a much larger income. Later on, in 1987 the company's central headquarters were moved to Newhaven, East Sussex, England, on the location of a previous pen company acquired by Parker. In 1993 Gillette bought the Parker division, as they already owned brands like PaperMate, the producers of the best selling ballpoints.

In the year 2000, Newell acquired the writing division from Gillette including Parker. After this move the Newell writing division become the strongest in the world including names like Rotring, Reynolds, Sharpie, PaperMate, Parker, Liquid Paper and Waterman.

At present Parker pens include the following models listed in a chronological order: Jointless which appeared in 1899, Jack Knife Safety from 1909, Duofold from 1921, Vacumatic since 1932, Jotter since 1954, the “61” model which appeared in 1964, the “75” and “25” series that were designed until 1975, and the last Parker creation is the Parker 100 launched in 2004.

In the 70s a funny thing happened when a Parker commercial showed a hand writing a mathematical formula on a paper, the unexpected result was that several mathematicians and chemists called and asked about the strange formula they didn't recognize. The company's answer was full of humor as the entire formula represented the mathematical representation of a recipe for Martini. It is said that when the company revealed the secret formula there were voices that answered “Who's ever heard of a Martini without an olive?”.

Parker pens are very appreciated by collection owners, since from the very beginning Parker pens offered quality for a good price. The high standards according to which Parker pens were designed even before the Second World War made it possible for them to resist time in perfect shape. You can find functional Parker pens older than your grandparents and their writing is still impeccable.

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