Pilot Pens

The first pilot pens were launched in Japan in 1918, it was a time when Japan was importing a lot of Western technologies, and a lot of contracts and trade agreements were signed in those years. The Japanese writings tools were not in the least close to anything the Europeans had, so they modified their alphabet simplifying most of their ideograms.

This was the time when many pen industries settled in Japan as the demand for new writing tools raised. It is well known the way Japanese have the tendency of importing ideas and products from the Western society and then improving them to perfection. Japan was the country were the pilot pens were created and developed in the first place.

It was Ryosuke Namki the one who patented the first fountain pens in Japan, he was a mechanical engineer and a teacher at the Tokyo Merchant Marine College. Using his engineering skills he started a pen industry in association with a colleague called Masao Wada. Together they developed a high quality pen model and they named it PILOT as the name of the ship's captain.

By 1938 the pilot pens brand was known worldwide for their writing models. Over time pilot pens imposed themselves on the American market and today they are the third important player in the field. In Japan they are number one as there is no strong competition back home. Pilot corporation also sells stationery and jewelry but their main activity remains focused on pens.

Like all other multinational businesses Pilot company has producing facilities in the United Kingdom, Brazil, all over North America, in North Africa, France and Germany. Chronologically, they first moved on the Singaporean market in 1926, and the very next targets were New York, London and Shanghai. The company changed its name to Pilot Pen Co., Ltd. In 1938 and later on, in the 1950s, they changed it again to Pilot Ink Company, Ltd. In 1954, they moved on the South American market in Brazil.

Until the year 2000, many other sub-companies continued to appear as they covered a wider variety of industrial branches, later in 2003 a collective name was set for the entire trust as the Pilot Corporation. Pilot pens come in a variety of forms and shapes, there are even models recommended for persons suffering from arthritis. The products ergonomic qualities make the difference in many situations as they offer an easy and pleasant writing experience too.

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