Antler Pens

In the history of writing tools, there is an undeniably extended variety of materials that have served for the purpose of designing pens: from bird feathers, wood, bone and ivory to reed, deer antlers and metal. Presently antler pens are considered pretty unique and rare gifts that are very appreciated by connoisseurs in the hunting business. Antler pens can be offered for Christmas, anniversaries, graduation, business deal closures and any other occasion that you may consider appropriate; those who receive such gifts don't have to be hunters or sportsmen to actually recognize craft refinement and the elegance of the material.

In most cases antler pens are handcrafted by very skillful artisans, so that each pen is actually an individual unique work of art. Technology also allows the use of duplicating machines that can increase productivity, but this is not the case with antler pens, since their true value lies in the very individuality of each object. Hence, it is easy to understand why the prices for antler pens are among the highest in the branch as sometimes only very passionate collectors venture to buy them. However, there are cases when moderate prices are also practiced, which has definitely encouraged significant increases in sales.

Antler pens are available in a variety of designs and models: from fountain pens to ballpoint pens and rollerballs. All these models are well know for the long-term durability and the high quality of the fittings and the basic materials. Among hardware items used in the design of antler pens we could count: standard gold, gold plates, platinum, titanium and more, which have a direct influence on the value and the price of each pen. Such non-corrosive special metal structures ensure an increased wear resistance of the surface of the pens, while also enhancing their beauty.

Buyers usually order antler pens online, but a good word of advice says that you should check with several sites to compare prices and get an overall idea of the market trend. Furthermore, antler pens can be personalized on demand, either with the initials or the full name of the person you plan to give it to. Sometimes, just a symbol, a letter or a suggestive message can work well for the matter; such a pen will have a sentimental value attached to it, and will always function as a reminder of a special event. Offered to business partners, antler pens are considered very refined promotional gifts that express gratitude and confidence in future collaboration.

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