Free Pilate Exercises

Free Pilate exercises can be easily done at home. Free Pilate exercises are deigned for beginners also. These exercises will help to develop your core strength and stability. The following are some of the Pilate exercises:

Pilate warm up exercises:

a. Angel arms; it is one of the Pilate warm up exercises. This will help you to understand the relationship between arms and shoulders with back and rib cage. This exercise will help to develop core stabilization, awareness and it will also improve the motion of shoulders. How to do angel arms?

Lie on your back and bend the knees. Leave the shoulders down when you inhale. The arms should be swept position when you exhale. While doing this exercise imagine that energy is flowing through your finger tips. This will require only 5 minutes.

b. C curve; you have to deepen the scoops of the abdomens. The c curve position is used in most of the Pilate exercises. Procedure for doing c curve exercise:

Sit on your knees bent in the floor. Ensure that the feet touch the floor. Place your hands behind your knees. Take few deep relaxed breathes. Take another inhale and exhale. Stretch your abdomens. Feel the c curve. That means your back is in a c shape. However do not collapse your body. While practicing the c curve exercise always coordinate your breathing.

c. Imprinting; Imprinting is one of the basic free Pilate exercises. Begin imprinting by lying on your back. Place your arms on your sides. Slightly bend your knees. First relax your shoulders. Then relax your jaw and throat. Then relax your abdomens and rib cage. Relax your spine and then your hips and legs. See the imprint in your mind’s eye. Do this for at least 5 or 6 breathing. This exercise is ideal for relaxation

d. Neutral spine; this exercise is very important to get body alignment. First lie on your back with knees bent slightly. Place your legs parallel and ensure that your toes are pointing directly away from your hips. Relax all parts of your body. Breathe deeply and then imagine that there is cup of water in your lower abdomen. Always remember to take deep breaths. You should also remember to do this exercise on an exercise mat.

e. Pelvic clock; It is a very important exercise. The pelvis will move only for an inch in each direction. First lie on your back. Bend your knees and touch the floor with your feet. Your legs should be parallel. Relax your neck and back. Then bring your hands together so that your finger tips are touching. Your thumbs should also touch. This will help you to have feeling that the pelvis is moving a little. Then take low and deep breathes. Imagine that there is a clock in your lower abdomen. Place your hands in the position of 12’O clock. Take time to inhale and exhale slowly. If the breathing pattern is confusing, do it naturally to get the correct breathe flow.

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