Bigsausage Pizza

Big Sausage Pizzas are best! Pizza is an Italian cuisine. Pizza is generally made up of bread and on the top portion of it chopped onion, tomato, capsicum is omitted. Usual toppings which used for pizza are tomato sauce and cheese. Pizza is very popular and famous dish all over the world. Nowadays so many ingredients are used for toppings on pizza. It includes tomato ketchup or sauce, cheese, garlic, vegetables like onion, tomato, capsicum, sweet corn, chicken, beef, meat etc.

All over the world, pizza is being eaten. Non vegetarian also finds various types of pizzas in restaurant. In Italy, Sausage pizza is most popular. Sausage is a kind of food that gradually includes animal fats, ground meat, spices, salt and some other ingredients. Typically Sausage is a food preservation technique. And can be used as ingredient in some dishes. Sausage is a meat mainly obtained by Pork, veal, beef. Sausage is made up of from nutritious, edible part of animal such as blood, organ meats, scraps, fats.

Types of Sausage are:

Fresh Sausages: These are made from meat which is not processed before. So it is necessary to cook it thoroughly before eating.

Cooked Sausages: These are made up from fresh meats. One can eat it immediately.

Dry Sausage: These can be kept for long time. These are dry.

In Italy, basically there are two types of Sausages:

Raw and cooked Sausage

Vegetarian sausages are made from scratch. It can be made from soya, nuts, vegetables, and tofu.

Procedure of making Sausage:

Sausage making is not a single event. It includes various steps and each step should be carried out carefully.

First step is to select ingredients. If you want good sausage, then input also should be good enough. The meat which you are going to use to prepare sausage should be clean, free from bacteria, binding, high quality as we usually use in our kitchen and safe enough. The spices, ingredients should be mixed proper amount. To protect or preserve it from bacteria sodium nitrate should be used, as it resists to bacteria. It also increases flavor of sausage.

Second step is grinding and mixing: The meat should be kept at low temperature. Grind the various meats and then add various spices and ingredients into the slurry. This mixture should again grind. It improves texture and taste of the product.

Third step is stuffing: This mixture is then put into the forming device. So it will get shape. After it should be covered by casings. These casings must be soaked lukewarm water for 30 minutes. Each casing should be washed under cold water.

Finally, these sausages have to be smoked. After stuffing, these sausages should be hanged to dry. Put it in smokehouse and bake it up to temperature 170 F. After removing from smokehouse, spray it with hot water. Then shower it with cold water to reduce the temperature at 100 F. Again dry it for one to two hours and place it in cooler.

There are various kinds of sausage pizza are available like Quick sausage pizza, Sausage and garlic pizza, Turkey sausage pizza.

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