Air Pollution Causes

The immediate and most extensive air pollution causes include the use of electricity and fossil fuels for the creation of energy. We are all responsible for the constant deterioration of the atmosphere by the very use we make of the services that require no matter what type of combustion. We generate pollution on a constant daily basis, from the car we drive and the bus we take to work to the very electricity we rely on for our house electric appliances. Some indirect air pollution causes include the use of products and goods that have been manufactured by the burning of gas, oil or coal.

Carbon dioxide is the clearest indicator of the atmosphere condition regardless of the air pollution causes. Thus, an average family will contribute to the air deterioration by the very maintenance of the household. How can we counteract the environmental harmful impact we seem to have? The first and most at hand solution is to reduce the energy consume as much as possible. Thus, do not leave your engine running when you are trapped in a traffic jam. Substitute all the incandescent light bulbs in the house with environment friendly ones like the compact fluorescent lamps for instance; recycle as much materials as possible and use products made from recycled materials.

One of the major air pollution causes is the destruction of forests all over the world; the cutting down of trees has lead to the creation of a major imbalance in the carbon dioxide level. This gas that is presently accumulated in large quantities in the atmosphere is normally used by trees for the process of photosynthesis; to put it in another words, plants need carbon dioxide to feed. During this chemical process, they release oxygen constantly freshening up the atmosphere. Consequently, it is to the green areas that we owe the very survival of the planet.

Other air pollution causes cannot be stopped completely, but nevertheless they do allow for a limitation. This is the case with the industrial giants that constantly release harmful gases in the atmosphere. Most advanced technologies allow for a filtration of the fumes, but this measure is not always applied correctly or efficiently. There are still countries in the world were the legal background does not require a very harsh application of such anti-pollution measures, and such states do harm the well-being of life on earth in its very complexity.

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