Recycle Cell Phones

The average life period of a cell phone is about eighteen months, and less than one per cent of the entire number is recycled when out of use. Figures and statistics are impressive as more than 130 million cell phones are thrown away every year, and this is only in the United States. Presently, almost anywhere in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia federal laws ask that recycle cell phones rules be respected.

If you don't know where to recycle cell phones or wish to donate such items for charity you can find many sites on the Internet that are ready to help you do a good thing. If you don't wish to give your old cell phone or its accessories to some association you can make some cash by selling it even when dismantled.

Before you try to recycle cell phones remember to take the following steps : interrupt your service, erase the phones contacts, memory and any other stored information. Moreover, remove the SIM card if it has one, if you're not sure you have a SIM card ask for some advice or search the Internet for your cell model to get a look at the design.

Though most people are not aware of it, there is only one option for old cell phones recycling. If you decide to keep such old devices or throw them somewhere around the house you put your life in danger. The idea to recycle cell phones was introduced even by the producers who know that many toxic substances can get into the hands of small children.

Only in the United States, there are over 500 million old cell phones that just wait for someone to collect them, and the situation is getting worse because other 130 million used phones are replaced by their owners every year. A viable solutions to recycle cell phones hasn't appeared yet, maybe the only encouraging method would be if the seller made a discount to the buyers when they recycled an old phone.

Many green organizations claim that they recycle cell phones when in fact they repair them and give them away or even put the products on sale, thus helping people who'd need communication devices but can't afford them. Environmental campaigns are being set on a regular basis, in an effort to safeguard public health, protect the earth and minimize the waste of raw materials.

The problem with the plan to recycle cell phones is that people don't want to give away a device that works fine just because they brought a new one and the problem appears again the next time you get a new mobile phone and so on. Let's try to put an end to this cycle and maybe we'll see things improve!

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