Recycle Signt

Recent governmental regulations have required that all the products that can be reused carry the recycle sign, so that the common consumer would know what to do with the waste. With the tons of garbage accumulated every year, a general look over the condition of our planet makes one shiver; if immediate and personal action is taken, we'll be soon covered in mountains of rubbish that are of our own making. Therefore, we definitely need to read more into a recycle sign, as it is not just a mere symbol. We are talking about an impulse to action, to doing something from the lowest to the highest level!

It has been often said that education begins in the family, and nothing could contradict such a truth. Any responsible parent should teach his or her children about the importance of keeping the environment clean. Kids will imitate what adults do, and take interest in their actions, so, there is no better way to teach them than to actually show a recycle sign to your off-springs and explain what it means. Awareness needs to be increased at all social levels for a green revolution to actually take place. Presently there are various recycle signs for different products.

Even if there be a different recycle sign for paper and for plastic, there are common features that are to be found on every product so that you can immediately tell whether it is reusable or not. Even when sorting home waste, we do it according to the special recycle signs that read: “Glass only”, “ Metal cans” only, “Paper only” and so on. Many companies have starting posting a recycle sign for each waste category in their activity, regardless whether they are depending more on desk work or on production. Such initiatives are more than laudable, since they are both actual and truly responsible, not to mention example-setting.

Last but not least, we should also say a few words about the use of a recycle sign as both a clothes decoration and a symbol of one's attitude towards environmental issues. Thus, t-shirts with the recycle sign on them are often worn by teenagers, not only to make a stand when taking part to open street manifestations or protests, but also as mere apparel items that spread a message. It is a clever idea for a green revolutionary to use promotional t-shirts with recycle signs as a way of increasing public awareness; it strikes the eye and it sticks to people's mind.

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