Recycle Wipe

Recycle, wipe clean programs have spread to almost all sectors of our society. Let's take for instance the case of cell phones; there are more than two billion cell phones used all over the world every day; but for how long do we actually use them? A year, two, maybe? Then what? What happens to the old cell phones that we no longer use? If you take the interest in joining a “recycle, wipe out wireless waste” program you'll actually learn that there are solutions for the correct dismantling and reusing of cell phones that contain batteries with highly environment toxic components.

Laws issued to support the efforts of recycle wipe clean programs have forced companies that supply cell phones to find ways to recycle old items of equipment. In California for instance you need to hand in your old cell phone to be recycled, before you actually purchase a new one. But until such government measures become general, there are so many states and countries where one cannot dispose of an old cell phone in the proper way. Millions of people actually keep dropping such electronics in the trash bin, without the possibility of recycling them. Furthermore, there is another issue worth considering here: that of computer components reprocessing.

Thus, there are many electronic components that require special environment protection measures, and this is the case of a computer hard drive recycle; wipe out a hard disk may be a piece of cake, but what can one do to dispose of all the chemical substances in old computers? In order to increase awareness about the necessity to recycle and reuse products, many companies have launched projects that include offering personalized gifts with green messages. Recycle wipe-off memo boards are one good example of such items that are both practical and witty in message.

Response to the “reduce reuse recycle” motto is actually increasing all over the world, together with the efforts of keeping pollution at bearable levels. Nevertheless, pictures of children searching through piles of waste computers in very poor countries, that have widely circulated on the Greenpeace Internet site, simply show us that we are pretty far away from dealing with pollution. Hence, taking part to recycle, wipe off programs becomes a duty, not just a moral obligation, since we all have our share in the risky environment situation that has been created within the highly industrialized society.

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