Ways To Recycle

Government sources claim that residential garbage from the United States weighs more than 210 million tons every year. Most of this material could be recycled reducing the ever increasing need for virgin material. From this huge amount of waste about 40% consists of paper and paperboard; the good part is that most of the paper can be reused and processed, thanks to the special ways to recycle that are particular to each collecting program.

Other ways to recycle efficiently include focusing on food and yard waste, they are totalizing 25% of the solid waste. Then, metals can also be recycled easily, soft drink cans and tin cans are to be found everywhere and collecting companies are always eager to take them away. Last but not least, glass is another material that can be found with a minimum of effort, nevertheless remember that bulbs, dishes or ceramic aren't accepted as glass by recycling companies.

Plastic is one of the biggest enemy of ecologists, its chemical structure prevents it from decomposing in nature, and it can last for hundreds of years without suffering any change. The creation of bio-degradable plastic brought a change. But the disadvantage with this solution is that recycling companies won't accept it mixed with classical plastic because the price is much lower for this mixture. So bio-plastic is one of the ways to recycle but it would be efficient only if it would replace most of the classical plastic production.

When we read a label we should make the difference between “recycled”, which means it contains a percent of recycled material and “recyclable”. Finding new ways to recycle requires a lot of creativity, first of all if you don't use an object anymore find someone who would. Sell those things you don't use, which have piled up around the house: you can either organize a yard sale or give them to a school or a church that may need them.

Books and technical magazines are never to be recycled as simple paper, many children would use them with pleasure so talk with the first teacher you encounter about your book collection. There are also other ways to recycle that you can take advantage of in your own home, all you need is a little care and some dedication to the matter.

Reduce the number of paper and plastic bags you use and try carrying things with reusable textile bags, don't buy so many paper towels, plates and napkins and choose their reusable equivalents. Change your old batteries with rechargeable ones, and recycle the old ones. Saving energy in your house keeps the bills small and reduces pollution in major cities.

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