Kids Recycle

Recycling represents the technique of transforming wasted materials into new products. The idea of recovering raw materials and save energy is something that our children should learn as early as possible. Kids recycle programs have always been constructive for both parents and children as recovering materials is one of the central ideas of any modern waste management system.

One of the most easy to recycle materials is aluminum, and this is why most of the kids recycle projects deal with it first. Aluminum cans are to be found all around big cities, recycling businesses collect and take them to large recycling centers just like nonprofit organizations that clean parks or endangered places from litter. Children should remember that aluminum is a light material that is easy to recycle and that it must always be thrown away to special places.

Another material that endangers the environment is glass, children must remember that glass can't return back into the nature by an organic cycle, therefore it must be reused. The second lesson in the kids recycle program could be about glass and the way it is recovered and reintegrated in the utility consume system.

Glass is usually transported to the nearest processing facility that uses a large magnet to sort metallic objects first. Other ceramic or nonferrous items are removed manually. Then glass is crushed and mixed together with other elements to create a combination that has the right consistency for melting. Children attending kids recycle lessons will probably know that all the bottles from the supermarket are made from recycled glass.

Another easy to recycle material is plastic, more than four million bottles are used every hour in North America. So kids recycle courses need to teach boys and girls all about recovering plastic. The truth is that plastic can't decompose, it will remain unmodified in the environment for hundred of years. Present statistics report more than 20 billions plastic bottles to be found just in supermarkets.

Saving paper is a good start for any ecologist, for one tone of paper 98 tones of other raw materials are needed. Industrialists confirm that it is much easier and cheaper to recycle paper that to produce it from virgin fiber, and statistics show an energy saving 70% lower. Children attending kids recycle hours should be taught all about paper and how easy it is to save the forest by reusing it. Recycling is a continuous circuit that works only if the recovered materials are transformed into products to be sold and bought again.

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