Beat Speeding Tickets

To try and beat speeding tickets is a normal impulse and an attempt any driver would go through in order to keep his or her record clean; it is not just a fine that is unpleasant under such circumstances, but the entire issue of going to court and having a criminal record could definitely be an unbearable burden. Not always will one succeed in trying to beat speeding tickets, but you never know how things may turn out, so it's worth not giving up.

There are two ways of action to choose from when you want to beat speeding tickets. You can admit the crime and try to convince the police officer to let you go with just a warning; this is a totally subjective situation when you entirely depend on the good mood and the personality of the officer as well as on your own ability to persuade. Even if you know how to plead your case you've still got only 50% chances to succeed.

A second course of action when trying to beat speeding tickets is to admit nothing. Say as little as possible, let the police officer go through all the formalities and then go to court and try to solve the case there. In order to beat speeding tickets in front of the judge, you will need more than just persuasion. Therefore, try to remember as much details as possible from the day when you were stopped: the lane on which you were driving, the traffic, the weather conditions and so on.

Furthermore, getting as many delays as you can in court is also a good strategy to increase the chances to beat speeding tickets. The further in time the court session takes place, the higher the chances the police officer will forget most of the details, and your chances of getting away with a clean record will grow exponentially. However, before going to court, it is important to know a few things about the driving regulations in the state where you committed the crime.

In some states delays are very difficult to get; if you don't want to show up for a hearing you have to bring objective proof for your absence in court. Moreover, the fines and even the speed limitations vary from one state to the other; therefore, learning the does and don'ts in traffic, when leaving your state is also a good idea. After all, the best way to beat speeding tickets is not to get them at all.

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