Fight A Speeding Ticket

Should one fight a speeding ticket or not? So, you are on the run, already late for work and you press the acceleration pedal a little more than usual. But just as you are more in a hurry than ever, you see the blue lights and hear the sirens and there is a halt for you. A speeding ticket on the record, an officer that has to go through all the basic formalities, and you are on the rush and at the end of your tether! Well, if you want to fight a speeding ticket when you feel like this, better drop it as you have very few chances to succeed.

When you fight a speeding ticket you have to work on the attitude first and foremost; a calm and optimistic behavior will bring you closer to convincing the officer not to fine you this time. There are a few things to do when you want to fight a speeding ticket: first and foremost, do not go out of the car under any circumstances. Turn off the engine, put the keys on the roof of the car in case you want to show even more submission and wait for the officer to approach you.

Be the most cooperative “law breaker” ever, just exactly the opposite a police officer would expect. Once you make the law enforcer comfortable in your presence, you have greater chances to fight a speeding ticket and go away with a simple warning. Now, there are two things you can do: either admit your fault and try to convince the officer of what a tragedy it would be to get a speeding ticket, or you can play the ignorant, take the speeding ticket and go to court.

You can then fight a speeding ticket in court, but the trouble is so much greater: it takes time, effort and even money if you get a lawyer. The best thing you can take advantage of is to get a delay and try to work things to your advantage; professional legal counseling could be very appropriate at such a stage, as you may need to learn the way to make as much as possible of a given situation.

If you manage to delay it for a longer period of time, chances are that the cop will no longer remember all the details, or will think the case to be very far in the past. Hence, time is the most important ally when you go to fight a speeding ticket in court: make the best of any advantage if you want to win the case!

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